Back to December, The Man Who Can't Be Grateful

Although you're an International Relation student, the programming is so good. Even better than others IT student. If you made your website into the thesis, I'm sure you'll pass the thesis with point 'A' - (judge of the web making competition which is also IT lecturer)

So, in this past month I've been working on a website for kind of annual competition in my campus. Quite complex, but still within my limits as 'not an IT student'. At the end, I end up with 3rd position. Sure, I've won a 'team competition' by myself, but I dont know why it feels like I'm not happy at all. Probably, I was too overproud with what jurors said. Then, I just expecting for the first position but the reality has a bad romance with my expectation. 

Other unpleasant thing is, I didn't make the time for documentation session on the stage during the closing ceremony. It was rain on that day and made me late. I was represented by other. IDK the prize giving will be that fast. Dammit. 


Mark Zuckeberg is cool, as well as Andrew Darwis or William Tanuwijaya. I think I must learn how to make a website and the programming so I could become one of their successors' - my badass thought in the first semester. That badass thought has made me decide to enroll website course. I know if programming is very complex, but I dont know the same applies to website programming too. And here I am, 'Mark Zuckeberg wannabe' who was stressed for making PHP website based on Code Igniter to compete with others in IT competition.

Stranded in December with IT competition

This competition itself entitled HEXION, it's kind of annual competition that hosted by IT organization which held in every December. There are several IT competitions here, such as Mobile App or Digital Game and also Website Making. I certainly join the web making one. I've entered the competition last year, but the "final presentation time" is clashing with my organization's event schedule so I decide to choose my origanization back then. And this December, it's kind of the right time to take a revenge, actually. 

Website making here is a team competition which is the maximum number of participants are 3. 'Who need a team, if I can do all by myself?' My badass thought once again being really badass. First of all, I'm not an IT student and I'm all alone, meanwhile my opponents mostly team that contain 2-3 person with an IT background. Well done, let's fck 'em up. 

The theme/topic of the web competition itself is about connecting archipelago through digital. In this case, participants have 2 options for the website: create a Forum, or create a Social Media. Since I did it by myself, it'll be easier and faster for me to create a forum than social media. So, the first thing that comes to my mind is.. what kind of forum? What kind of programming? 

After a discussion with my instructor in my web course, I decide to made a forum with framework CodeIgniter, responsive design with bootstrap, and PHP as the programming. There are several ideas that comes to my mind for the concept of forum, such as forum for broken heart stories or forum for hydroponic plants discusion, but I end up with forum for movie freak.

this is it

inside the coding
First, the fact is I've not finished studying CodeIgniter in my course. So, this forum will be kind of my guinea pig, but I expecting much for this guinea pig.  The substance of the idea is connecting archipelago with the similarity of hobby, which is watching movies. It's didn't hard for me to figure out the concept and the uniqueness of this forum. The thing is, It's kinda hard for to implementing what I'm thinking to the coding. Becaus It's the first time for me to create web using CodeIgniter. So, I need a lot of instructions from my instructor. 

I became very diligent back then, more pricesly diligent-ambitious ass. I went to the course in sunday morning and went home at sunday night several times. Come on, who the f willing to spending the whole sunday in the course place? This diligent-ambitious ass does. 

The result that I can't be grateful for

I did the presentation on the H-day. I give a highlight for the uniqueness and the overplus of my forum in ppt first, and then I give the demo. After all the presentation and the demo, all of the jurors give a positive response. Especially the first jury which is also an IT lecturer, first of all she praised me for the creativity of the concept and the she said "Although you're an International Relation student, the programming is so good. Even better than others IT student. If you made your website into the thesis, I'm sure you'll pass the thesis with point 'A'". Dude, this is a positive signal, right? The rest of them also give a positive comments, although there are some critics too about the color consistency of the design.

Right in the next day, the committee announced top 3 websites. And then.. my forum into the top three. The order of the champions will be announced in the closing ceremony. Positive comments, non-IT student, alone against team of 2-3 person, that's all made me arrogant. I'm expecting the first place. But... at the closing ceremony, I came late and not doing the documentaion. Also I've no idea what potition am I. Then I was informed by the committee if my forum on.... the 3rd place. I know I've beat several teams that contain 2-3 person with an IT background to be here. But, I'm expecting more.. not 3rd.

acquiesce to the result. I know it sucks when the reality inversely proportional with the expectation. But let's be mature. Even if the result I can't be grateful for, at least there are another positive things right. So I think I should go back next year and make a fcking sweet revenge. I don't know who you are and I don't know what you want, but I'll find you and be in the first place. Wait for me, just wait.

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